A NEW concept in network monitoring. Oraculo is "the eye" in your network!

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Oráculo is a monitoring tool that allows you to have an eye on your network. It is constantly probing the devices (supports several brands) and when it finds something has changed, generates alerts and notifications.

Oráculo lets you keep "images" of different configurations of your devices which can then be used to compare with previous ones and find recent changes and additions.


When adding a device, Oráculo will probe it and begin the process of graphing the different sensors daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

One Tool, All Events!

You will know instantly when there is a change in the configuration or state of the devices!

With Telegram you can be in permanent contact with Oráculo, create actions and interact with its bot!



These are!

Multi Vendors

Supports different vendors to monitor. MikroTik, Ubiquiti, Cambium, Linux

Config Diff History

In addition to binary and plain text backups, every now and then Oráculo takes a picture of the configuration, which can be compared with others in order to get differences between the two.


Every time an event occurs, such as a link-down, change of interface parameters, reboot, change of BGP state, etc., Oraculo sends a notification via Telegram to inform such events and take some action on the matter.

Graphs Resources

Oraculo has different sensors that monitor and graph every available parameter, such as CPU, Memory, Interfaces, Voltage, Temperatures, Fans, SNR, Noise, and so on!

Server Syslog

Oráculo has a Server Syslog, so you can centralize the Logs of different remote devices and then analyze them.

Additional Modules

It supports additional modules for monitoring and graphing:

  • CapsMan
  • HotSpot
  • PPP (PPPoE, PPTP, etc)
  • BGP (Peers)
  • UPS (APC / MikroTik)


You can watch and analyze the firewall rules (input) on every device, in order to know the protection measure it has.

Know the Health of your NETWORK,
at any time.

Install Oráculo


Oraculo's licensing system has no limit on the amount of devices you can use it with. You can select 6 months or a year of licensing to use the tool.

License Monthly

  • License for use
  • 6 months
  • USD 300 +Tax* (if applicable)

License Yearly

  • License for use
  • 12 months
  • USD 500 +Tax* (if applicable)

Once the license period is finished, you must renew it for the time of your preference.


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